How to Create Fantasy Items by Akabane Higami

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This book explains how to design “items,” which are indispensable to fantasy works such as games, illustrations, and manga, from how to name them to how to think about their effects, usage, ingredients, history, and other settings.

When it comes to fantasy items, recovery items such as herbs and potions are king. There are many variations in effects and designs, depending on the work.
You can download Photoshop data with layers to read through the book, so it is an instructional guide to item creation for illustrators, The numerous items in the book also make it an exciting collection of settings for fantasy fans to flip through, just like a game strategy book.

<Over 150 settings & designs>
Sundries / trinkets / food / medicine / plants / minerals

Release Date:
March, 2023

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Akabane Higami

An illustrator who works on item illustrations for mobile games. Focusing on fantasy items, she is good at drawing tools, weapons, and light objects with thick paint.

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