Handsome Boy Drawing (Bidanshi Sakuga) – Professional Techniques to Learn from Zero

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Seven popular artists who are active in a wide range of genres, such as anime, games, manga, CDs, and book cover illustrations, reveal how to draw attractive handsome men.

From how to draw character poses and clothes, to vivid painting, shading expression, stage setting and character design thinking with a story, front-line professionals will explain.

In this book, seven charismatic painters make full use of their respective techniques to explain the know-how of creating attractive works with men as motifs.

The illustrators who give commentary are all popular front-line artists who are active in games, anime, comics, books, etc.

From the creation of sexy or cute characters, to how to take angle poses, how to paint bright colors, how to express light and shadow, how to incorporate stories and themes, and other techniques that each illustrator is good at.

Enjoy the creative process through the making of how professional illustrators think from the rough stage and what kind of ingenuity they use to create each character and view of the world.

From concept planning to drawing techniques, there should be plenty of hints to expand your range of expression when drawing male characters.

■ Contents
Chapter 1 Kaoru Saki Draws a sexy handsome guy
Chapter2 Kinako draw a cute boy
Chapter 3 Ebimo also thinks about poses for her character
Chapter4 Akiakane Vivid Painting Techniques
Chapter 5 Becco Expression of light and shadow that complements her character
Chapter 6 Honojiro Towoji Create a world view with her story
Chapter7 Shikimi Incorporate themes into her illustrations

■ Author
Akiakane, Ebimo, Kinako, Kaoru Saki, Shikimi, becco, Honojiro Towoji


Release Date:
December, 2017

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