Flip Book Cat’s Proposal by Harumin Asao (Cats’ Parapara Books)

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A flip book by Harumin Asao, a popular illustrator and essayist. Cute cats move around like an animation in this entertaining flip book. This is the seventh installment of “Neko no Parapara Books”!

In the neighborhood, there is a boss cat with a big face who is famous for being a strong fighter, and a black cat with an ordinary-sized face but a brave black kitty. The two cats are in the middle of a love match over Mike. Which of them will win Mike’s heart? It’s a match made in the eye of the cat!

Release Date:
December, 2014

Author profile

Harumin Asao

Illustrator. essayist.
“I am a cat stalker”, “Life and opinion of a woman in cat seat”, “Neko no wo walk” and many other works.
“I am a cat stalker” was made into a movie in 2009 (directed by Takuji Suzuki) and became a hot topic.

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Harumin Asao


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