Fairy tale fantasy girl character design & drawing technique by Oriko Sakura

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This book is full of the world view of “fairy tale fantasy” that fuses the cuteness of the world of picture books and fairy tales, and the fantasy and fantastic world, and is packed with ideas for making girl characters even more cute. ..

A lot of character designs according to each theme such as “fairy tales”, “sweets”, “flowers”, and “sky” are recorded, so it can be used as a reference for fashion, character design, and color scheme ideas.
In the illustration making, we explain the illustration production process from rough to finish using “CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX”.

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June, 2018

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Oriko Sakura

Illustrator. Good at fairy tale fantasy world view. She is active in a wide range of activities such as children’s books, character design, light novel illustrations, manga, and music illustrations.

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Oriko Sakura


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