Encyclopedia of How to Draw “Clothing” for Digital Illustration – 45 Secrets of Clothing to Dress Up Characters

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This book organizes and classifies modern men’s and women’s clothing by parts such as tops and bottoms, and summarizes the structure and characteristics of each outfit, how to draw, tips for drawing variations, tips for coordination, and wrinkle know-how. , is an illustrated practical book in encyclopedia format.

Including modern clothes, school uniforms and suits, we mainly record clothes that we often see in our daily lives. Even if there is a piece of clothing you don’t know about, you can open this book and look it up to learn about its basic structure and characteristics, how to draw it, and its variations.

[Outline of table of contents]
Part 0 Basics of clothes Classification of clothes / Differences between men and women / Wrinkles on clothes / Procedure for drawing clothes

Part 1 Top cut and sew T-shirt / shirt / blouse / hoodie / sweater / cardigan / vest / tank top / camisole / tube top

Part 2 Outer Jacket/Coat/Jumper

Part 3 Bottoms skirt/pants/half shorts

Part4 All-in-one dress / Party dress / Coverall / All-in-one / Salopette / Kimono / Yukata

Part5 Underwear / Inner tights/Spats / Women’s underwear (bras, panties) / Babydolls / Men’s underwear

Part6 Shoes/bag shoes/handbag/shoulder bag/travel bag

Part7 School Uniform Girls’ Uniform / Boys’ Uniform / Gym Suit / Student Bag / Student Shoes

Part8 Suits / formal clothes Women’s suits / men’s suits / tie business shoes / business bags / formal clothes

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March, 2017

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