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The way people dressed in those days, as depicted in ukiyoe of the Edo period, is updated with modern illustrations. This is a practical collection of illustrations that answers the question, “I want to draw Edo period kimonos, but it’s too difficult to do so…”

Illustrations of beautiful men and women of various social statuses are included, from town girls, young samurai princes and princesses, feudal lords and courtesans, geisha and actors, prostitutes and courtesans.
The book also includes detailed information useful for drawing, such as obi knots, kimono patterns, and types of Japanese hair that are unfamiliar today.
The title and artist of the original ukiyoe are also listed, so you can make new discoveries by comparing them.
The period in which the work was painted gives an idea of the approximate changes in Edo fashion.
Please enjoy the richness of Edo’s clothing culture as traced through Ukiyo-e.


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January, 2021

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Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1984. Illustrator, painter. She likes kabuki, kimono, Japanese art, and things from the Edo period.

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