Easy pastel crayons Painting by Yusuke Yonezu

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Popular illustrator and picture book author Yusuke Yonezu gently explains how to draw illustrations using pastel crayons.

Just by watching and copying the models, you will be able to draw professional-looking pictures of cute animals such as prickly hedgehogs, fluffy Himalayans, and fluffy alpacas; delicious foods such as browned bread and colorful fruits; and your favorite warm sweaters.

Just drawing with crayons is fun, but mixing colors, layering colors, and other techniques unique to crayons will expand your range of expression.
This is a book that both children and adults will enjoy.

[Table of Contents]
Necessary materials
pastel crayons 50-color set/color chart

Chap.1 Basic Techniques
6 Articles to enjoy using pastel crayons / Drawing with pastel crayons / How to make a picture / Let’s draw a mug / Let’s draw a pear / Let’s draw a grape / Let’s draw seasonal fruits

Chap.2 Five Expressions
Basic Techniques / Let’s draw Mt. Fuji / Let’s draw peaches / Let’s draw penguins / Expressing baking colors / Let’s draw red bean buns / Let’s draw bread / Let’s draw a white bear

Layering colors
Basic Technique / Let’s draw a watermelon / Let’s draw a donut / Let’s draw a border T-shirt / Let’s draw a cheetah / Let’s draw a white owl / Let’s draw a clock / Let’s draw a book / Let’s draw a check pattern / Let’s draw a vessel pattern / Let’s draw a knit pattern Let’s draw a knit pattern

3. Leave an outline
Let’s draw a basic technique / Let’s draw a pot / Let’s draw a Scottish terrier / Let’s draw a café menu

Basic Techniques / Let’s draw a leaf / Let’s draw a hat / Let’s draw something you have at home

5. Expressing texture
Basic techniques [prickly/fluffy/fluffy].
[Let’s draw a hedgehog.
Let’s draw a [prickly] wreath
Let’s draw a [fuzzy] knit hat.
Let’s draw a [fluffy] Himalayan
Let’s draw a [fluffy] alpaca.
Let’s draw a [fluffy] mimosa

Let’s draw while watching

Release Date:
November, 2022

Author profile

Yusuke Yonezu

Picture book Artist / Illustrator

Born in Tokyo in 1982. Picture book author and illustrator.
The crayon illustrations of daily life tools and animals have a warm texture and make you feel comfortable to blend into your life.
2005 Selected for the International Picture Book Exhibition in Bologna, Italy.

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