Drawing a beautiful boy – coloring technique by mura karuki

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This is a book that explains his own painting technique by popular illustrator Mura Karuki. It teaches you how to draw not only characters, but also backgrounds and effects so that the quality looks high without doing anything difficult.

Also, the theme of all the illustrations this time is beautiful boys. There are various patterns of beautiful boys, so it is perfect as a reference material for different drawings. Of course, not only people, but also how to draw accessories and backgrounds that match the illustrations are included.

CHAPTER 1 Gothic handsome boy
CHAPTER 2 Idol-style handsome boy
CHAPTER 3 Sports boy
CHAPTER 4 Dancer boy
CHAPTER 5 Japanese style boy
CHAPTER 6 maid clothes handsome boy
CHAPTER 7 Cyberpunk style boy
CHAPTER 8 Cover illustration making In addition, a large volume of commentary on how to draw separately is also included!

Release Date:
March, 2023

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Mura Karuki

After working at an illustration production company, he is active as an illustrator in a wide range of fields, including manga, light novels (illustration), and music videos.

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