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Dragon Ball’s first illustration collection!
Over 400 illustrations from the start of the series to the present and illustrations of the latest movie version “Kami to Kami” are also posted.

Reproduce Akira Toriyama’s beautiful illustrations to the limit with high-definition printing!
In addition, Akira Toriyama talks about his paintings in a special interview.

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May, 2013

Author profile

Akira Toriyama

Born in Kiyosu Town, Nishikasugai District, Aichi Prefecture.

manga artist. In 1978, he made his debut with his cartoon “Wonder Island”. His representative work is “Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball, etc.

“Dragon Ball” became a huge hit, selling over 350 million copies worldwide. In addition, he has worked on character designs for many video games, such as the Dragon Quest series, due to his high design quality, and has received high acclaim.

He is also famous for character designs for games such as the Dragon Quest series. His achievements continue to be influential not only in the manga world, but in all media.

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Akira Toriyama


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