Disney Twisted Wonderland Event Setting Material Collection – Design Note

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This is an archive book containing over 400 costumes and accessories that appeared in the “Disney Twisted Wonderland” season event.

The designs drawn with different themes each time are truly one-of-a-kind, custom-made items. A world full of creativity that lives in the details is introduced through setting pictures.

This book includes valuable setting pictures of the costumes that appeared in the eight events, as well as drafts and background pictures of some costumes that appear in this book for the first time, card skill data, etc. Contains event information.

[Recorded event]
●Happy Beans Day ~Reclaim the golden harp! ~
●Happy Beans Day ~ A brawl outside the arena where the harp is unnecessary! ~
●Fairy Gala ~A festival of fairies that brings spring~
●Fairy Gala IF ~Fantasy festival with fairies~
●Ghost Marriage ~Fateful Proposal~
Hoshi ni Negai wo ~Dance and Wishes~
– Scary Monsters! ~Screaming halloween show~
– Scary Monsters! ~Endless Halloween night~

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December, 2022

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