Digital Illustration “Coloring” Textbook [CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO/EX/iPad compatible]

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This is an introductory book that explains painting techniques for digital illustrations using CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

In the “Lecture Edition”, this book carefully explain everything from the basic knowledge you want to keep in mind before undercoating to the operation procedure for undercoating, main coating, drawing, and finishing.

In the second half, “Practice Edition”, while watching the illustrator’s making, this book will introduce the differences between each pattern and the techniques unique to the illustrator.

You can download the completed illustration data and read it while checking how the layers are divided and the fine touches.

Example illustrator: Genmai / kon / Serurosu / Mizutamago / Megumu

[Table of contents]
Chapter 01 Before you start painting
Chapter 02 Basic knowledge of color schemes
Chapter 03 Primer
Chapter 04 Shadows and light
Chapter 05 Face coloring
Chapter 06 Hair coloring
Chapter 07 Clothing coloring and patterns
Chapter 08 Finishing
Chapter 09 processing

■■ Practice
01 Gorgeous with gradation
PHASE 1 Preparation and base coat
PHASE 2 Coloring the skin and nail polish
PHASE 3 Coloring the silver hair
PHASE 4 Coloring the clothes and decorations
PHASE 5 Coloring the eyes
PHASE 6 Finishing

02 Light color and soft
PHASE 1 Undercoat and color scheme
PHASE 2 Draw sparkling eyes
PHASE 3 Draw a checkered pattern on the skirt
PHASE 4 Add redness and contrast to the skin
PHASE 5 Coloring clothes and decorations
PHASE 6 Coloring hair
PHASE 7 Color adjustment and painting

03 Elegant with chic colors
PHASE 1 Shades of gray and undercoat
PHASE 2 Coloring of skin
PHASE 3 Coloring of face parts
PHASE 4 Coloring of hair
PHASE 5 Coloring of clothes
PHASE 6 Coloring of ribbons and accessories
PHASE 7 Adding and adjusting each part

04 Vividly based on blue
PHASE 1 Undercoat
PHASE 2 How to apply shadows
PHASE 3 Coloring the eyes
PHASE 4 Coloring the white parts
PHASE 5 Coloring the face
PHASE 6 Coloring the hair
PHASE 7 Adding details and color tone correction

Release Date:
June, 2023

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A publishing company in Akihabara, editing and production production. In addition to books centered on illustrations and manga, he also works on PR booklets and videos for government offices and companies. He produces works regardless of genre such as medicine, history, economy, and science.

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