Digital drawing with Procreate – You can learn characters, backgrounds, and manga with video support

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The book compiles Yumi Tada’s unique techniques specialized in illustration and manga creation, honed through years of using Procreate. It’s a text and video tutorial book that allows you to draw characters, backgrounds, and comics all on an iPad.

It carefully explains the secrets of drawing, such as character posing, thinking about composition, drawing backgrounds from low and high angles, tips for drawing light, how to create storyboards, and what to be aware of when inking manga. Links to videos showing the actual drawing process are also included.
Included courses:
Introduction to Procreate’s basic tools and functions
● Basic gestures in Procreate
● Layer option menus often used in this book
● Blend modes often introduced in this book
● Features of Procreate often used in this book
● Downloading Yumi Tada custom brushes, etc.
Drawing characters & small objects that adorn the picture
● Coloring characters
● Drawing a cup & saucer
● Differentiating between three types of flowers
● Combining items and characters in drawings
● Points on drawing glasses
● Drawing characters wearing glasses
● Points on drawing the full body of characters
● Points on drawing hands, feet/shoes
● Drawing the human body in compositions and low angles with items, etc.
Thinking about picture composition & drawing backgrounds
● What to draw when unsure about background artwork
● Using drawing assist to draw backgrounds
● Drawing a diner in a vignette style
● Top 5 tips for drawing backgrounds with perspective
● Try drawing a full-body character with a background
● Illustrations with a mix of straight lines and freehand
● Drawing illustrations in a low-angle composition
● Creating dramatic scenes with three-point perspective
● Making a cover illustration, etc.
Drawing manga from scratch with Procreate
● Preparing storyboard and manga manuscript paper
● Drawing the storyboard (for black and white manga & color manga)
● Drawing frames
● About drawing the underdrawing for backgrounds (using drawing guide / how to use 3D materials)
● Points to note and brushes to use when inking
● Adding speech bubbles and typesetting (inserting text)
● Coloring black and white manga with grayscale
● Coloring for color manga
● Tips and points to note when drawing manga with Procreate, etc.
What to do once the artwork is finished
● Publishing and sharing the artwork
● Printing the artwork
● What can be done in other apps, and is it possible in Procreate? etc.

Release Date:
March, 2024

Author profile

Yumi Tada

A manga artist and illustrator. Her main manga works include “Red Velvet” (Kodansha) and “Eva and the Mermaid’s Blood” (Renta Comics). She is currently an associate professor at the Kansei University of Arts and Crafts and a manga department instructor at the Osaka Amusement Media Vocational School, as well as introducing illustrations and drawing processes using Procreate on YouTube and SNS.

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