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A gorgeous and dense character book that covers the world of “Delicious in Dungeon”. All 176 pages. 50 pages of newly drawn manga and about 40 new illustrations are posted.

Not only Lios and Marcille, but also frenzied wizards and elves. A new standing picture covering almost all characters is posted. The number is about 40!

Please look forward to the newly drawn manga with a total of 50 pages! Includes “Yomoyama story” of characters who could not be told in the play.

Not only age, height and BMI, but also family structure and data when you die for the first time. The detailed data collection of the character is posted.

Detailed explanation of the monsters in the labyrinth. A spectacular monster pictorial book.

A detailed explanation of the origins of this world, labyrinths around the world, and races.

Have fun on the back of the cover !?

* All in Japanese

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February, 2021

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Ryoko Kui

In March 2011, she made her debut in the short story “The Dragon’s School Is on Top of the Mountain” (Ryu no Gakko wa Yama no Ue). released by East Press.

Her reality and illusions are mixed with her own sense and become her topic.

In 2013, she won the Excellence Award in the Manga Division at the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival for “Terrarium in Drawer” (Hikidashi ni Terariumu).

She has been serializing in KADOKAWA since 2014, and the gourmet fantasy manga “Delicious in Dungeon” is the 2015 Comic Natalie Awards, and this manga is amazing! 2016 (Takarajimasha), man edition, THE BEST MANGA 2016 Read this manga! , Won first place in the manga ranking 2016 selected by bookstores nationwide.

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