Deep Blizzard’s Introductory Course – First Time with CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO Edition

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The first book in the popular content “Ultra Introductory Course” by the drawing YouTuber “Deep Blizzard” is “CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO.”

It’s the perfect guide for beginners, explaining everything from the initial screen layout, line drawing, coloring, manga drawing, animation, to time-saving techniques in an easy-to-understand manner for those who are introducing it for the first time. It includes numerous purchase bonuses that can be downloaded, making it an essential book for beginners who want to make drawing more fun.

[Table of Contents]
About the exclusive download bonuses of this book
Introducing the gadgets used by the Demon Lord DeepBlizzard!
Downloading the iPad version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Chapter 1: Preparing for Drawing
01 Creating a new canvas
02 Customizing the palette
03 Changing settings
04 Let’s start drawing line art!!

Chapter 2: The Basics of Color
01 How colors work
02 Underpainting
03 Clipping for shadows and layers
04 Blending modes for layers
05 Shading
06 Adding highlights
07 Airbrushing
08 Adding color tracing
09 Adding a hand-drawn touch
10 Organizing with layer folders
11 Creating backgrounds

Chapter 3: Mastering Coloring!!
01 Thick painting
02 Grisaille technique
03 GtC painting

Chapter 4: Mastering the Perspective Ruler
01 Creating a perspective ruler
02 One-point perspective
03 Two-point perspective
04 Three-point perspective

Chapter 5: Let’s Make Animation
01 Trying out the animation feature
02 Onion skin
03 Trying to move
04 Preparing to move characters
05 Drawing eye blinking motion
06 Drawing hand-waving motion
07 Confirming & exporting the animation

Chapter 6: How to Draw Manga
01 Preparing to draw manga
02 Drawing the storyboard
03 Let’s draw manga!
04 Finishing and effect lines
05 Tone work & exporting

Chapter 7: Question Corner
Brush and function edition
Coloring edition
Brush edition
14 recommended brushes by the Demon Lord!

Release Date:
December, 2023

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Deep Brizzard

As “The Demon King who makes your drawing fun,” I am currently posting drawing tutorials on YouTube that use digital painting tools such as CLIP STUDIO PAINT, ibis Paint, and Procreate. The main focus is on introductory videos for beginners.

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