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This book is a comprehensive collection of cover illustrations for nearly all works by Eguchi Hisashi, including “Go Ahead, Pirates!”, “Stop!! Hibari-kun!”, “Age”, “Paparinko Monogatari”, “Lucky Strike”, and “Irregular”. It serves as an overview of Eguchi Hisashi’s “history of illustration.”

The origin of Eguchi Hisashi’s illustrations was the “cover art of manga!” Impacted by the cover art of Tsubame Kamogawa’s “Macaroni Hōren-sō,” and introduced to illustrators like Yumura Teruhiko, Suzuki Hideto, Nagai Hiroshi, and Hayashi Seiichi through the magazine “Illustration,” launched in 1979, Eguchi Hisashi was experimenting with various styles of illustration, often drawing cover art for manga that had nothing to do with the main story.

He experimented with expressing through tonal differences without using color, drawing solely with lines, creating woodblock print-like pieces with brushes, and using screentone to depict the shadow of glasses. It is also said that Eguchi Hisashi was the first to use color tones in manga.

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October, 2023

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Hisashi Eguchi

Born in 1956. Born in Kumamoto prefecture. Manga artist / illustrator.

In February 1977, he made his debut with “Awesome Children” in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. In September of the same year, he wrote “Weekly Shonen Jump” in “Recommendation! !! Pirates ”serialization started. He makes his full-scale start as a gag cartoonist.
His masterpiece is “Stop! !! He has released many popular works such as “Hibari-kun”, “Age”, and “Hinomaru Theater”.

Started activities as an illustrator in 1983. In 1992, won the 38th Bungeishunju Manga Award at the “Explosion Dinner Show”.

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