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A color book created for illustrators and artists. Popular illustrator Shunsuke Satake has produced the illustrations, with the main 100 illustrations being completely drawn from rough sketches.

Find the color scheme you want instantly! Full of useful perspectives for drawing pictures such as stories, emotions, time, seasons, and onomatopoeia!

– Super convenient! Download benefits that allow color specification with one click in Photoshop, Illustrator, and CLIP STUDIO PAINT!
– All color theme spreads are complete, making it easy to read while using! The book is compact, allowing for more desk space when creating works!
– Enjoy cute color schemes and illustrations like looking through a picture book. A color idea book for those who love color and illustrations!


How to Use This Book
How to Download Swatches and Color Sets

Tips: The Image and Role of Colors
Tips: Creating Atmosphere with Tones
Tips: First Steps in Color Matching

Part 01 Fairy Tale World
001 Forest Harvest, Mushroom Hunting
002 The Prince of Stars
003 Wonderland Tea Party
004 Magic Carpet
005 Gold, Silver, Treasures
006 Angel’s Smile
007 Olive Branch and Dove
008 Oriental Circus
009 Satake’s Lion
010 Colors of Satake!
Column: Reasons for Drawing Animals

Part 02 Scenes of Joy and Fun
011 Exciting Zoo
012 Sparkling Aquarium
013 Thrilling Amusement Park
014 Shapes of Clouds and Sky Colors
015 Sweet-Smelling Candy House
016 Fruit Paradise
017 Happy Wedding
018 Today is a Birthday Party♪
019 What’s Inside the Lunch Box?
020 Surprise Party!

Part 03 Scenes of Loneliness and Sadness
021 My Robot Broke…
022 Moving
023 Consolation Prize
024 Graduation, Different Paths
025 Gently Storing Sadness in the Heart
026 End and Start of Love
Column: Sources of Color Ideas

Part 04 Morning Moments
027 Beautiful Dawn
028 Morning Sun
029 Chorus of Little Birds
030 Fresh Morning in the Forest
031 Relaxed Sunday Breakfast
032 Usual Walking Path
033 Chatting on the Way to School

Part 05 Midday Moments
034 Cozy Sunbathing
035 Driving Through the Wind
036 Sports in the Park
037 Harvesting Vegetables in the Field
038 Fun Girls’ Gathering
039 Research at the Library
040 Inspired by Artworks

Part 06 Evening to Night Moments
041 Dusk Sky
042 Lights of Houses
043 Dinner with Family
044 Who’s Staying Up Late?
045 Memories Album
046 Campfire
047 Starry Sky
048 Funny and Fun Dreams
Column: Adding Depth and Flavor to Paintings

Part 07 Spring Delights
049 Strawberry Picking
050 Girl’s Day
051 Adult Chic Doll Festival
052 Field of Rapeseed
053 Cherry Blossoms
054 New Colors for the New School Term
055 Hiking
056 Spring at the Farm
057 Nemophila Hill
058 Spring in Full Bloom
059 Golden Week
060 Children’s Day

Part 08 Summer Delights
061 Various Hydrangeas
062 Star Festival
063 Relaxing by the Poolside
064 Cool Shaved Ice
065 Watermelon Splitting
066 Sea Friends
067 Morning Glories Bloomed!
068 Fireworks Festival Memories
Column: How Lines and Colors Appear

Part 09 Autumn Delights
069 Natural Colors of Dried Flowers
070 Shining Ginkgo Avenue
071 Sports Day
072 Leaf Peeping
073 Luxurious Grape Parfait
074 Happy Halloween
075 Halloween Party
076 Fallen Leaves and Roasted Sweet Potatoes
077 Relaxed Hot Spring Trip
078 Stargazing with a Telescope

Part 10 Winter Delights
079 Fashionable on a Cold Day♪
080 Christmas Presents
081 Gingerbread Man
082 Christmas All-Stars
083 New Year
084 Trying Calligraphy
085 Playing in the Snow
086 Oranges in Kotatsu
087 Demons Out, Fortune In
088 Valentine’s Day
Column: Illustration Development Samples

Part 11 Words and Colors of Imagination
089 Cheerful Walk♪
090 Fluffy Above the Clouds
091 Rustling Melting Snow Stream
092 Excited for the Desired Dress
093 Splashing in Puddles
094 Rugged Jurassic Dinosaurs
095 Rapidly Growing Beanstalk
096 Bright Idea!
097 Melting Sweetness
098 Fizzy Retro Cream Soda
099 Cozy Japanese Tea Time
100 Relaxed, At My Own Pace

Release Date:
December, 2023

Author profile

Teruko Sakurai

Representative director of Tokyo Colors Co., Ltd. She proposes colors that are useful to people, provides color consulting and corporate training to make corporate products more attractive, and plans and produces color teaching materials.

In 2014, she became the first Japanese person to become a certified instructor of the Swedish National Standard Natural Color System (NCS) and is working to popularize it. She is the author of many books on colors and color schemes, including her “Color Scheme Idea Notebook”, which is an overwhelmingly popular series that has sold over 370,000 copies in total, and has been translated into many languages and is widely loved.

She is a full member of the Color Society of Japan, an NCS certified instructor, a Color Certification Association certified instructor, a Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Color Coordinator Certification Exam certified instructor, and an interior coordinator.

Teruko Sakurai‘s books

Shunsuke Satake

Illustrator, character designer. President of Hitotoe Inc. Lecturer at Kyoto University of Arts. Resides in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.

He excels in expressing animals and people in a deformed and flat composition, and is active in advertising, publishing, and product fields.

Shunsuke Satake’s books

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Shunsuke Satake, Teruko Sakurai


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