Color Scheme Classroom for Illustrations and Comics Mini Notebook

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An idea book where you can learn about attractive illustration color schemes through color chips! It explains 47 types of color schemes and the effects of colors, along with charming example illustrations.

You can learn clearly and concretely how gradients, complementary colors, and color schemes by hue can convey different images in illustrations, and how they can express weather, time, and seasons.

For each color scheme, key colors and variations from the example illustrations are presented.
You can directly mimic the color chips to utilize in your illustrations.

At the end of the book, “Basic Knowledge of Colors” is included, where you can learn about basic terms and the effects of color schemes. The author, who has been teaching at a vocational school for over 10 years, explains carefully.

[Featured Illustrators]
Maiji/Nukon/Hotatenshi/Shinmizu/Komayama Akira/Makuratami/Horiizumi Inko/Onobane/Tamiura/sora/Kurita Yuki/Omura Village/Kanda Yonoko/Matsufuji/tono/KICO/Furoku/Umineko Research Institute/Kotachi Yuu/champi/Amemura/azma/Hisumi/Saiga Tokihito/Kamiyama Yuri/Kenkyo/hale/Tamaki/Takashi/Umi/AS4KLA/Sakurada Kayoko/Kyupiyama/Mitsukisanagi/Ha-min/Soumori Fumi/Tenteko/noco./Sakuraba Suzu/matsumot/Toasu/Mizuno Hiro/Magotsuki/Oyogi/Tsukiyo/Sono Fuwan/Yatakana Nanako

[Color Scheme List]
“Basic Color Schemes”
– Monochromatic color schemes
– Same brightness color schemes
– Tone-on-tone color schemes
– Gradient color schemes
– Separation color schemes
– Complementary color schemes
– Accent color schemes
– Slight difference color schemes
– Repetition color schemes

“Unique Color Schemes”
– Full hue range color schemes
– Single color schemes
– Two-color schemes
– Primary colors schemes
– Natural laws-based color schemes
– Clustering color schemes
– Repeat color schemes
– Value color schemes

“Color Schemes by Hue”
– Red-based color schemes
– Orange-based color schemes
– Yellow-based color schemes
– Green-based color schemes
– Blue-based color schemes
– Purple-based color schemes
– Brown-based color schemes
– Grey-based color schemes
– White-based color schemes
– Black-based color schemes

“Seasonal and Time-based Color Schemes”
– Spring color schemes
– Summer color schemes
– Autumn color schemes
– Winter color schemes
– Morning color schemes
– Daytime color schemes
– Evening color schemes
– Night color schemes

“Keyword-based Color Schemes”
– Natural color schemes
– Fresh color schemes
– Cute color schemes
– Elegant color schemes
– Sexy color schemes
– Cool, stylish color schemes
– Pop color schemes
– Active, sporty color schemes
– Classical color schemes
– Fairy-tale-like color schemes
– Fantastic color schemes
– Ethnic color schemes

Release Date:
March, 2024

Author profile

Shinji Matsuoka

Born in Kama City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Illustrator and art teacher.
Studied in Genpei Akasegawa at the Bigakko.
Monthly manga gallo winning debut.
Won Young Comics Yasuji Tanioka Award.
Received the “Illustration” magazine and “The Choice” annual prize.
After working as Yasuji Tanioka Productions, he became independent and released illustrations mainly in the publishing and advertising industries.
Since 2004, he has been a lecturer at design vocational schools and culture schools.

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Shinji Matsuoka


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