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A long-awaited book of 40 self-selected illustrations by popular illustrator Yusuke Nakamura! The author’s second coloring book “COLOR ME, too” is finally on sale! since “COLOR ME” .

The author’s second coloring book “COLOR ME, too” is finally on sale! since “COLOR ME”. From CD jackets such as ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, “Mystery solving is after dinner” and “The night is short” A long-awaited book that collects 40 gems of Yusuke Nakamura, a popular illustrator who handles a wide range of work, from book covers such as “The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl” to packages of sweets such as Asada candy and Lotte’s chocolate pie!

In addition to the newly drawn cover, Yusuke Nakamura’s own carefully selected 40 works are included, focusing on recent work such as CD jackets, book covers, candy packages, and magazines!

In addition, full-page single-sided printing allows you to enjoy coloring to your heart’s content without worrying about show-through of ink. After painting, you can decorate your room by cutting it off along the cut line.
In addition, at the end of the book, in addition to making with colored pencils, Copic, and watercolors, this is a complete book that covers sample pages of color illustrations.

Release Date:
November, 2020

Author profile

Yusuke Nakamura

Illustrator. Born in 1978.

Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Department of Design. A wide range of work, including ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, CD jackets by Masashi Sada, book covers such as “Mystery Solving After Dinner”, “The Night Is Short, Walk On Maiden”, and cover illustrations for high school music textbooks. Work on.

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