COJI COJI FAN BOOK: All about Coji Coji – Momoko Sakura

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The first ever COJICOJI exhibition, “COJICOJI Expo,” is being held at the PLAY! MUSEUM in Tachikawa, Tokyo, from April to July 2022. This book is the long-awaited catalogue of the exhibition, and is a book that conveys the charm of COJICOJI in all its glory to its fans.

“COJICOJI” is a manga popular for its nonsensical gags and language with connotations that even adults would find thrilling. Now, more than 30 years after the birth of the main character, the “space organism” COJICOJI, its cuteness, fun, and the depth of its work are attracting attention, especially among people in their 20s and 30s.

In this book, you will find original manga drawings of famous scenes in which you can feel the creator Momoko Sakura’s breath, as well as treasured color drawings of COJICOJI, Maru-chan and COJICOJI, which made their first appearance, and the frontispiece.

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May, 2022

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