CHRONICLE of DREAMS by Natsujikei Miyazaki

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A chronicle in which manga artist Natsujikei Miyazaki commented on all his works, from his elementary school work to the final episode of “You are Bun-chan’s love”. A total of 102 works.

Includes newly drawn short stories, first public photos of the atelier, manga from elementary school and pre-debut studies. In addition, it is a long-awaited book that includes all the character introductions that are fun to read.

Release Date:
November, 2022

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Natsujikei Miyazaki

From the 40th issue of “Morning Two” in 2010, he started serializing his debut work “I’ll go home by the evening”. Her second work, Metamorphosis News (a collection of short stories), was selected as one of the jury recommended works in the manga section of the 17th (2013) Media Arts Festival by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

In addition, her third collection of short stories, “I have no problem”, entered the top 10 of “Oreman 2013” and was ranked in Takarajimasha’s “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2014”. His unparalleled authorship and sometimes violent stories that resonate strongly with his heart have been praised and garnered a great deal of attention.

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