Chihiro Sakurada Art works- Full Moon (Mangetsu)Coffee Shop Menu Book

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This is the first art book by Chihiro Sakurada, who has been creating her own unique worldview based on the concept of the Full Moon (Mangetsu) Coffee Shop, an imaginary coffee shop that serves fantastic sweets and drinks.

In addition to the menu illustrations of Full Moon (Mangetsu) Coffee Shop drinks and baked goods that the author has drawn so far, the book also features newly drawn illustrations of Japanese sweets.


Release Date:
July, 2021

Author profile

Chihiro Sakurada

Born in 1987. Born in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, an illustrator living in Tokyo. The illustration of the work “Full Moon Coffee Shop” released on her web site becomes a hot topic.
Her books include the novel “Hoshiyomi of the Mangetsu Coffee Shop” (published by Bungei Shunju) and the collaborative picture book “Mangetsu Coffee Shop” (published by KADOKAWA) with the novelist Mai Mochizuki.

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Chihiro Sakurada


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