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“Rittorsha Maiden Bookshelf,” a popular series, now features Osamu Dazai’s “Cherry Leaves and the Magic Flute” by Sawa Sakura, a manga artist known for her colorful kimono illustrations and comic book adaptation of the popular series “Manmakoto” written by Megumi Hatanaka. This is a gem of a collaborative series, with all illustrations newly drawn.

At the end of the book is an essay common to the series by Tahi Saihate, a poet and novelist of the moment known for such works as “Good Morning” and “Shinde Shimau Kei no Bokura ni”.


Rittorsha Maiden Bookshelf Series

Release Date:
December, 2016

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Sakura Sawa

Born in Osaka. manga artist. “Cat Tongue Gokoro Mo Koi no Uchi”, which depicts Ukiyo-e artists from Edo, which was independently published on the Internet, has been published as a book. She gained popularity for her delicate and sensual patterns, and made his serial debut in “Kabuki Iza”, which was based on Kabuki at the end of the Edo period. Megumi Hatakenaka has a good reputation for portraying the times, such as the comicalization of the popular series “Manmakoto”.

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Sakura Sawa


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