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This is a collection of techniques for drawing characters from three popular books by animator toshi. From the point of view of an animator, such as “movement and flow” and “effects of lines and shadows”, he explains the important points for drawing a higher-grade person using the red pen method.

By learning the basics of people, you will be able to realistically express various people and scenes. This book is recommended for those who want to draw illustrations with a story, such as the situation and feelings of the person, and how the whole body is perceived differently depending on gender, body type, and age.

[Recommended for people like this]
・People who want to draw lively characters like the author
・People who want to draw better than now
・People who want to draw natural people according to the scene

[Contents of this book]
PART1 The basics of a person
PART2 Draw separately
PART3 Situation

Recorded illustration publication book
“Basic rules of character drawing taught by animators”
“Lines and shadows Character drawing techniques learned from animators”
“Super technique! How to capture the real line that can be seen from the person drawing technique details”

Release Date:
June, 2023

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In charge of drawing and character design at an animation production company. He also works on illustrations for postage stamps and New Year’s postcards, as well as advertising and graphic design.

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