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This is a book that collects drawing techniques specialized for each “part” by re-editing hit books by animator toshi.

Starting with facial parts such as the eyes, ears, and chin, as well as thinking about parts that are not usually visible, such as the soles of the feet and the back of the knees, he not only grasp the shape, but also the placement, how to add shadows, the flow of movement, etc. It will explain along with the expression method.

[Recommended for]
・Those who want to draw natural characters like the author
・Those who want to learn how to draw people in detail
・Those who want to draw people more attractively

[Contents of this document]
PART1 face, head
PART2 hands and arms
PART3 Feet and legs
PART4 Torso

[Recorded illustration publication source book]
“Basic rules of character drawing taught by animators”
“Lines and shadows Character drawing techniques learned from animators”
“Super technique! How to capture the real line that can be seen from the person drawing technique details”

Release Date:
June, 2023

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In charge of drawing and character design at an animation production company. He also works on illustrations for postage stamps and New Year’s postcards, as well as advertising and graphic design.

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