Character Design and How to Draw by Kurumitsu

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Kurumitsu, an illustrator with a reputation for colorful and pop illustrations, explains how he usually thinks and draws illustrations in this book.
The book contains not only “how to draw” illustrations, but also “how to think” before starting to draw, such as how to design characters and decide on composition.

Table of Contents
PART 1 Drawing Attractive Characters
Chapter 1 How to draw facial expressions
Chapter 2 How to Create Poses and Silhouettes
Chapter 3 How to Choose Colors
Chapter 4 Character Design Tips
Chapter 5 How to Draw a Background

PART 2 Making a Cover Illustration
Chapter 6 Making a Character Design
Chapter 7 Making Illustrations

[bonus at the end of the book]
Illustrator dialogue: …… Kurumitsu x Naoki Saito

*The cover illustration is created with “SAI2 (SAI Ver.2)”, but the content can be applied to “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” and “Photoshop”.

Release Date:
September, 2021

Author profile


After working as an illustration artist at a game company, he is currently a freelance illustrator.
He is active in a wide range of activities, from social game character design, card illustrations, CD jackets to his goods illustrations. He works on many pop and bright character illustrations.

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