Character Design and Expression Created from Scratch by Shun Akagi

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This book provides a complete guide to the basics of character illustration, from setting to posing, composition, color schemes, and direction.

This book explains the basics of character design, including body, hairstyle, and clothing, as well as poses, facial expressions, gestures, direction, screen composition, and other expressive methods necessary for drawing manga and character illustrations.

In addition, as case studies, the book carefully explains how to incorporate specific themes and concepts into character illustrations, such as “characters with science fiction elements,” “characters with an exotic feel,” “anthropomorphic characters,” “drawing characters from textual information,” and “drawing illustrations that express music.
This book is ideal for manga and illustration artists, aspiring artists, and those who want to raise the level of their character illustrations.

Release Date:
November, 2021

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Shun Akagi

A freelance illustrator from Aichi prefecture who lives in Tokyo. After graduating from art school, she has been active in a wide range of fields such as book design, game illustrations, CD jackets, and MV illustrations.

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