Catalog of poses for muscular men

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This book is a collection of photographic materials featuring muscular men in natural everyday actions and poses that highlight their muscles.

It assists those who wish to draw the bodies of well-trained men but find it difficult, and those who want to know the shapes of muscles that appear strong.

The poses with backgrounds, primarily of relaxing in one’s room, can be traced or copied directly, allowing for immediate creative use. These can also serve as image sources for drawing.

The versatile simple poses capture muscles from three different perspectives: eye level, low angle, and high angle, allowing you to choose the angle that best fits your preferred situation or image. Since the muscles are clearly visible, they are perfect for drawing studies.

The book also includes many images of healthy, toned bodies in clothing, making them appear more attractive. These are suitable not just for drawing and illustration creation but also for commercial and doujinshi production.

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February, 2024

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