Card Painter’s Work From Dragon and Mecha Design to Character Design – Toshiaki Takayama

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The first and definitive book of drawings and illustration techniques by the card illustrator, Takayamatoshiaki, who has created numerous card illustrations!

Card artist Takayamatoshiaki’s work began more than 10 years ago with Dragon Drive.
He started out drawing with Liquitex, but now he draws digitally, and has developed his own unique drawing method from painting within the rinkaku of lines to boldly painting on the surface without rinkaku.
The trajectory of these changes in drawing style continues to evolve into a super-realistic world that is more elaborate, massive, and full of three-dimensionality, backed by Takayama’s solid drawing ability.

This book is a collection of drawings and a technical book that reveals his attitude as a worker, his way of life as an artist, his way of thinking, and his drawing methods and techniques, using the keywords dragon creatures, male and female characters, and mechas and robots.
The book contains a wealth of his beautiful illustrations that have graced major card games such as Duel Masters, Sengoku Taisen, Lord of Vermillion, and Battle Spirits, along with tips on how to draw them in a cool way.

Release Date:
April, 2014

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Toshiaki Takayama

Illustrator and character designer.
He has worked on many card games and social game illustrations such as “Battle Spirits”, “Duel Masters”, “Sengoku Taisen”, “Lord of Vermilion”, and “Rage of Bahamut”. He is in charge of character design for “Valkyria Revolution” and “DiosKuroi”.

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