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A collection of illustration poses specifically for male characters has been released to answer the problem of not being able to think of poses for cool male characters!

It includes not only basic standing poses, but also poses sitting on a chair, lying down, eating scenes, and everyday gestures. Hundreds of poses are recorded as trace-free materials.

Feature 1: The collection primarily includes natural poses of handsome male characters! It’s an essential book not only for those who want to draw characters in games and anime, but also for those who aspire to be professional creators in the world of games and anime.

Feature 2: Loaded with user-friendly poses including everyday actions and eating scenes! Poses like operating a smartphone, carrying luggage, studying or working hard, eating, and more are included. The collection also features relaxing poses like lounging on a sofa or spending hobby time with friends.

Feature 3: In addition to pose materials, the book thoroughly explains drawing techniques! In the introductory pages, it explains tips for capturing the characteristics of male bodies and techniques for depicting poses. You can learn how to create attractive illustrations.

The accompanying CD-ROM includes all the pose cuts featured in the book in jpg and psd formats. These trace-free materials can be used for illustration production (if you don’t have a CD-ROM drive, you can also download the bonus data from the web).

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September, 2023

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