Book to draw a person illustration well – Ideas of person illustrations 60

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A collection of tips and ideas for drawing people that can be used for any type of illustration! There are 60 ideas for drawing “attractive” characters that can be finished in a good way just by imitating them.

Do you have any of these problems when drawing character illustrations?

・I want to draw an attractive person, but I can’t draw it well. give a normal impression
・ I want to draw a cool picture rather than a correct picture
・I’m not good at studying by reading difficult drawing books

This book is full of “little realizations” that professional illustrators use to create memorable illustrations.
Professor Apple, Berry-kun, Lemon-chan, and Cat Cinnamon from the “Illustration Design Institute” will give you easy-to-understand explanations, so you can easily read it like a picture book and put it into practice immediately.

The techniques and ideas I introduce are standard and universal, so I’m happy that anyone can apply them to any genre of illustration.

Introduction One day at the Illustration Design Institute
Chapter1 Face and Body
Chapter2 Motif
Chapter3 Color
Chapter4 Composition
Chapter 5 Directing

Release Date:
March, 2023

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