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The first collection of works by popular illustrator Yusuke Nakamura, who is known for the CD jacket of the popular musician “ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION”, The Night Is Short, Walk, Maiden (Tomihiko Morimi), and the paperback cover of Jiro Akagawa’s best selection, has been published.

In addition to numerous CD illustrations, all novel covers such as Tomihiko Morimi, Jiro Akagawa, Ira Ishida, Koichi Masuno, and Eiichi Ikegami are also included.
This is the first art book that comprehensively records about 200 illustrations by Yusuke Nakamura and follows the trajectory of the 10 years.

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION Masafumi Gotoh (musician)
2002. I think it was a fateful encounter. I love at first sight.
I instinctively thought that Yusuke Nakamura was the only one to paint our jackets !!!

Tetsuko Kuroyanagi (Moderator / Essayist / Actress)
I’m not so cute, but I’m holding a panda, I think it’s like me very.
But I wish I could be seen as cute as this.
I was surprised because the way the head was tied and the panda were drawn very correctly.
It’s also nice to have feminine sorrow.

Masakazu Ishiguro (Cartoonist)
I am terrified that Yusuke’s genius’s Taoyuan Township paintings are put together in one book.
It will surely be an art book that you will never get tired of.
There is no doubt that I didn’t get tired of seeing the one picture I got when I was a student for 10 years.

Hitoshi Odajima (illustrator / designer)
I like Nakamura-kun’s paintings, which seem to fit all the chaos of the minimal and compact city of Osaka in a glass box.
Although it is hand-painted, it has a virtual feeling with no direction like in the WEB environment.
There is no pain there. The shadow I’m looking for is a little sad, but it’s comfortable.
Boys and girls sympathize with such a box garden world and want to enter inside.
With such a passport as a desire, we can instantly become Yusuke Nakamura’s inhabitants of the world.

Release Date:
August, 2009
Japanese & English

Author profile

Yusuke Nakamura

Illustrator. Born in 1978.

Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Department of Design. A wide range of work, including ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, CD jackets by Masashi Sada, book covers such as “Mystery Solving After Dinner”, “The Night Is Short, Walk On Maiden”, and cover illustrations for high school music textbooks. Work on.

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Yusuke Nakamura

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