Ayumi Kasai Illustration card book – Danna Han to Chiwagenka

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The “Danna Han to Chiwagenka” series is now an illustration card book with a short story!

This is an illustration card book of Ayumi Kasai, the authority of BL design, which published the painting collection “Ayumi” for the first time in about 10 years last year and was very popular.

Two new drawings have been added to all 38 of the popular original work “Husband and Slut Fight” series, which also includes the art book “Aphrodisiac” and depicts Husband Han and Shizuho.

The card part is removable, so you can decorate your favorite work, send it as a postcard, and enjoy it for various purposes.

Release Date:
December, 2021

Author profile

Ayumi Kasai

Illustrator / manga artist. Born in Tokushima prefecture. She made her debut in 1990. She has worked on many cover illustrations and illustrations for general novels and boy’s love novels.

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Ayumi Kasai


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