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This book is a commentary on human poses drawn by anatomical artists based on the study of artistic anatomy. The illustrations featured in this book are based on sculptures, paintings, sketches, diagrams from anatomical textbooks, and old photographs that represent the human body.

The diagrams and photographs used as references were produced around the year 1900, and many are of modern sculptures. Occasionally, popular works from the Renaissance or ancient Greece of that time are also included.

Many of the reference materials used for the illustrations were of clothed figures or figures where parts of the body are hidden by supports (columns supporting the sculpture), and such areas have been guessed or added in.

These hidden parts have become easier to guess as one continues to draw them. Although we have not seen the actual statues in some cases, and cannot be sure of their accuracy, we hope you think of it as an example of how a person studying artistic anatomy would supplement the missing parts.

The illustrative examples in this book represent a combination of the basic form (the fundamental shape that serves as the base for figures, such as dolls) and anatomical structure. While the basic form is a geometrically refined human figure, it has been slightly adjusted towards the human form, aligning anatomical directions, surface divisions, and segmentation lines.

The torso, arms, and legs have been color-coded. Focusing on each part individually allows for the organization of information such as size and length ratios, the extent of twisting or bending, and variations between the left and right sides, making it easier to understand.

Part 1: Anatomy Edition
– Surface divisions of the body
– Basic form
– Simple actions
– Complex actions
– Counterposes
– Axes of the human body
– Proportions
– Physique

Part 2: Pose Edition
– Standing poses
– Sitting poses
– Lying poses
– Children
– Multiple figures

Release Date:
October, 2023

Author profile

Kota Kato

Born in Tokyo in 1981. Art anatomist.

In 2008, graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Design. In 2014, he graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Art Anatomy. He has a Ph.D. (art, medicine). He is an assistant professor at the Department of Anatomy and Structural Science at Juntendo University, a part-time lecturer at the Art Anatomy Laboratory at Tokyo University of the Arts, and a visiting professor at the illustration course at Kyoto University of the Arts.

He explains art anatomy at lectures in various places as an “art anatomist of Izu (@kato_anatomy)”.

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