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An overview of 60 years of production activities by Akira Uno, and archives his diverse work and works.

Mook is a highly archived material that archives the diverse work and works of Akira Uno, who is over 80 years old and who continues to be active.
Pick up representative jobs by category such as posters, magazine/book covers, picture books, illustrations, packages and CD jackets, plays, logo design.
An interview is posted for each item.

How to Draw (technical explanation) published in Illustration magazine in the 1980s, and a re-recording of the conversation with the old friend Tadanori Yokoo in 1993,
In addition, a new dialogue article with Mr. Yokoo is also posted for this book.

Release Date:
June, 2014

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Aquirax Uno(Akira Uno)

Japanese illustration artist and graphic designer. Characterized by a person depicted with a pen. He worked on Shuji Terayama’s stage and advertising art.

Besides illustrator, he also works as a curator, stage art, and art director.

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