A rare beast that calls for happiness

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A world of mysterious creatures imagined by humans. Introducing over 200 paintings and crafts from Japan and China!

Four Special gods beasts, phoenix, lion, dragon, tiger, baku, kirin, flying dragon,
rhinoceros, Hakutaku,
bat and other Chinese-derived Special beast, deer, monkey, fox dog, fox, pigeon, rat, rabbit, dog, fox, crane・ A collection of Japanese blessing animals such as Reiki, peacocks, cats, and whales, and rare beasts from foreign countries!

【table of contents】

[Chapter 1] The pioneer is China!
Special gods beasts of Traditional.

Column 1 Demonstration’s wind, tiger and dragon blowing in Edo
Column 2 Between fantasy and reality  Lion and Kirin

[Chapter 2] Japanese Special gods beasts-God’s apostle

[Chapter 3] I’ve never seen it! A rare beast from a foreign country

Column 3 This is a rare! Animal landing from the continent-elephants, camels, fire-eating birds
Column 4 Gather a lot of animals. From the reclining Buddha to paradise

Release Date:
November, 2020
Japanese & English

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