A fantasy illustrated book of fabulous architecture

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A magnificent illustration drawn by a total of 20 people, including a famous animated film art director, an up-and-coming illustrator, and a popular painter. A lot of architecture that you want to see now, spelled out with abundant episodes and materials.

[Participating artists]
Nizou Yamamoto (“Castle in the Sky”, “Princess Mononoke”, “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” Art Director)
Toshiharu Mizutani (“AKIRA” “Yuri !!! on ICE” art director)
Goki Nakamura (“99″art director from SHORT PEACE, “Steamboy”background art)
Mateush Urbanovich (“Your Name.” Background art)
Fuzichoco / Yo Shimizu / Snake Tsukai / sime / Uzuki / Respect / Mita Kura / Noki / Hihara Yo / Denki / Kuchibiru /
Shinji Tsuchimochi / Dynamic Anesaki / Mantis / Fumiyomogi / Issei Okuda

[Published architecture]
Ryounkaku / Alexandria Library / Pennsylvania Station / Heidelberg Castle / Hachinohe City Aramachi Fire Station / Azuchi Castle / Kowloon Walled City
Crystal Palace / Kinokuniya Bookstore Former Shinjuku Main Store / Kanjiga Castle / San Marco’s Bell Tower / Former London Bridge / Glass House / Knossos Palace
Baths of Caracalla / Kobe / Hankyu Sannomiya Station / Stjerneborg Astronomy / Hanging Gardens of Babylon / Font Hill Abbey / Saimiya ── 19 other points.

Release Date:
March, 2017

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