2COLORS Illustration Book by Yuka Nishiizumi – Draw Anything with Two Pens

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In this book, Yuka Nishiizumi, a popular illustrator whose SNS posts of illustrations drawn with two pens have received approximately 140,000 “likes,” teaches how to draw.

The book explains the key points of easy, stylish, and fun two-color illustrations, including tips for choosing two colors to avoid confusion, variations in line drawing and painting that make even two-color illustrations gorgeous, and key points for neat and tidy compositions.

The book also includes a page that introduces how to draw illustrations in three steps, so you can easily try it out by watching and copying what you see.

“I am not good at using a lot of colors.”
“I want to draw various illustrations even though I don’t have a lot of drawing materials.”
“I want to know how to draw the latest trend of illustrations with fewer colors.”
This is also recommended for those who want to learn how to draw illustrations with fewer colors!

CHAPTER1: Tips on how to create a tasteful two-color scheme
CHAPTER2: “How to draw” and “How to paint” to expand your expression
CHAPTER3: Items that can be painted with only two colors
CHAPTER4: Composition and margins for a balanced look
CHAPTER5: Additional techniques for more enjoyment

Release Date:
November, 2022

Author profile

Yuka Nishiizumi

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, an illustrator living in Tokyo. While exploring the connection between “everyday life and clothes”, she mainly draws illustrations of people.

Utilizing her experience as a textile and fashion designer, she creates illustrations for cosmetics packaging and advertisements.

The illustration drawn with her two pens has attracted attention with about 140,000 “likes” posted on SNS.
[Instagram, Twitter] @shirokumaizm

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