Tiny Wool Felt Bunnies by Chocolat Box Makiko Hata

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A collection of realistic and cute rabbit works that fit in the palm of your hand, made with wool felt.

A leading artist, who specializes in rabbit works and actively researches them, introduces how to make them with easy-to-understand illustrations even for beginners.

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January, 2023

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Makiko Hata – Chocolat Box

She majored in fashion at a junior college and experienced various crafts such as dressmaking, shadow boxes, and cartonnage. She began creating rabbits using wool felt after starting to keep a rabbit as a pet.

Since 2008, she has been exhibiting and selling her works and running classes. Her rabbit-specific wool felt classes have become popular not only in the Kanto area but nationwide and even internationally, attracting students from abroad.

In addition to solo exhibitions and workshops both in Japan and overseas, her custom-made creations, which closely resemble real pets and hold their owners’ sentiments, are also well-received.

She regularly teaches at the NHK Culture Center Aoyama & Umeda, and Atelier Chocolat Box in Yokohama. In 2018, she established the Japan Rabbit Wool Felt Association, a general incorporated association.

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Makiko Hata


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