Kinnikuman “Waza (Technique)” Gakken no Zukan

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“Kinnikuman” is, of course, a hearty picture book dedicated to all those who love martial arts. A number of techniques where superhuman personalities collide are summarized with an overwhelming amount of illustrations.

⚫︎ Complete coverage of 1400 techniques!
Approximately 1,400 techniques that appear in “Kinnikuman” and “Kinnikuman II”, all 9 items: striking techniques, shower techniques, trauma techniques, joint techniques, throwing techniques, striking techniques, impact techniques, sealing techniques, and superhuman techniques categorized into and introduced with more than 1600 illustrations! It covers not only the original technique of the work, but also the actual professional wrestling technique.

⚫︎ The deployment map of the technique is easy to understand!
Popular tricks and tricks with complex development are explained with frame-by-frame development diagrams. It’s like a “technical textbook”, I see! So this is what happened! There are surprises and discoveries.

⚫︎ Enclosed articles and feature pages like a learning encyclopedia!
“I want to know more about superhumans,” such as “Mechanism of Superhumans,” which explains the abilities and transformation forms of superhumans that produce techniques, and “Superhuman Technique Analysis Data,” which aggregates and analyzes all the data of past techniques released by popular superhumans. It is full of content that stimulates the willingness to learn of the good children of the past.

Release Date:
September, 2022

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The manga artist name is a collaboration between the original creator, Takashi Shimada (born 1960 in Osaka) and the illustrator, Yoshinori Nakai (born 1961 in Osaka).

They met in elementary school and started drawing manga together during their junior high school years. Their work “Ramen-ya no Tonyan”, which they drew in the second year of junior high school, won the Kintetsu Manga Award. Their work “Kinnikuman”, which they drew in their third year of high school, was a runner-up in the Akatsuka Award and started being serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha) in 1979, marking their debut as manga artists. The TV anime adaptation started in April 1983. In July 1984, the anime movie was released, and character goods like “Kinnikuman Eraser” gained popularity, causing a Kinnikuman boom.

They won the Shogakukan Manga Award in 1985. The serialization ended in 1987, but in 1997 they gained popularity again with the sequel to “Kinnikuman”, “Kinnikuman II-sei”, which was published in “Weekly Playboy”.

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