Dollfie Dream sewing book Basic girly style [Spring/Summer].

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A pattern book for Volks’ 60cm doll series “Dollfie Dream®”*. Taeko Sekiguchi, the leading expert in doll clothes recipe books, has created a long-awaited DDS-DDdy size textbook.

The first is “Basic girly style”.
Dollfie Dream®, Dollfie Dream®Sister, and Dollfie Dream®Dynamite models are available with patterns for all bust sizes (*MDD and DDP sizes are not supported).

The published works are 9 items that are the basics of spring and summer girly fashion. “Camisole dress”, “Cardigan”, “Ribbon skirt”, “Sleeveless blouse”, “Puff sleeve dress”, “Baby doll”, “Panties”, “Socks”, and “Tote bag”. is introduced.

The pattern paper is 100% full size without overlapping! It comes with a cutting diagram that is easy to understand even for the first time.

*DollfieDream® is a 60cm size original doll series planned and developed by Volks and Zoukei-mura. The unique character expression that has the charm of both figures and dolls is a big attraction.

Release Date:
May, 2020

Author profile

Taeko Sekiguchi

She started making doll clothes in 2001. Currently, she designs and patterns doll costumes at PetWORKs, Sekiguchi, Azone International, and others, while also producing original costumes under her own brand (F.L.C.).

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Taeko Sekiguchi


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