Doll Coordination Recipe 13 by allnurds (Dolly*Dolly BOOKS)

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As the 13th installment in the “Doll Coordinate Recipe” series, which introduces recipes themed around the individuality of doll clothing artists, Junco Uchiyama of “allnurds,” known for her unique and fashionable real clothes, makes an appearance.

This book features simple construction methods, and as a result, includes many more patterns than a basic book would.

The patterns included cover six doll sizes: 11cm, 20cm, 22cm, 24cm, 27cm, and 28 (29cm).

It introduces wearing model’s photo collection-style pages, an item list (information on dolls by size), tips on making the clothes, and patterns and instructions pages.

The coordinated outfits, themed around casual & unisex, are suitable not only for girl dolls but also for boy dolls.

Release Date:
September, 2019

Author profile

Junko Uchiyama

She started her activities in 2001. Utilizing her experience as a ladies’ clothing pattern maker, she creates works aimed at producing real clothes for dolls. She is currently active in making outfits for 1/6 size dolls, participating in events, and running a webshop.

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Junko Uchiyama


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