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A picture book of “town characters” collected in towns all over Japan. The second is Katakana.

The city is full of high-colored and fashionable katakana, such as signboard craftsmen, neon craftsmen, and type designers. When you take out about 470 katakana characters, which are full of individuality from all over the country, one by one, you will notice various things for the first time.

Book designers who are searching and collecting typography that is disappearing in the era when it is not a computer font are re-knitted in alphabetical order and introduced.

This time, following the hiragana edition, we visited the site of signboard and neon production and covered the character making of craftsmen. This is an attempt to review and archive post-war outdoor advertising as typography.

Release Date:
January, 2018

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Daisuke Matsumura

Born in 1973. Book designer. Typo Explorer. After working for an advertising production company and a printing company, he currently belongs to the publishing company PIE International.

He is also involved in creative activities under the personal name of Nodoka Production Room, and is designing the “Taipo Sanpo” series by Kentaro Fujimoto.

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Daisuke Matsumura


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