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Yokikana Hiragana from Daifuku shorin on Vimeo.

A picture book of “town characters” collected in towns all over Japan. The first is the hiragana edition. The author, who works as a designer at a publishing company, is enthusiastic about writing and spends his leisure time searching for letters in the town.

In this book, about 350 hiragana with excellent design are carefully selected from all the characters in the town, mainly on the signboard, and listed in the order of the Japanese syllabary, and introduced together with the character sources. When you turn the page, you can see the whole picture and the location of the characters picked up.

The focus is on hand-drawn characters by craftsmen and characters with a wide variety of characters from the heyday of lettering. “

Release Date:
July, 2016

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Daisuke Matsumura

Born in 1973. Book designer. Typo Explorer. After working for an advertising production company and a printing company, he currently belongs to the publishing company PIE International.

He is also involved in creative activities under the personal name of Nodoka Production Room, and is designing the “Taipo Sanpo” series by Kentaro Fujimoto.

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Daisuke Matsumura


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