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Yasuji Hanamori has been the editor-in-chief for 30 years since the magazine “Kurashi no Techo” was first published.

Includes 103 original covers of “Kurashi no Techo” by Yasuji Hanamori.
This is an art book that summarizes photo cover films, layout-designated papers, cuts, handwritten characters, newspaper advertisements, New Year’s cards, etc.

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December, 2011

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Yasuji Hanamori

In 1946, he established the Costume Research Institute in Ginza with Shizuko Ohashi and others. In May, he published the fashion magazine “Style Book” for women, which was the predecessor of “Kurashi no Techo”.
Two years later, he launched “Beautiful Living Notebook,” and he was the editor-in-chief for the next 30 years.

He focused on practical themes to enrich food, clothing and shelter, and created a number of famous projects such as “product testing” and “records of living during the war.” He has released 152 volumes of “Kurashi no Techo”.

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