Wonderful & Beautiful 888 Color Special Dictionary

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A total of 888 colors! This completely preserved “Dictionary of Colors” introduces the names of an overwhelming number of colors and their characteristics and origins in plenty of detail.

Japanese colors and colors of the world… It is full of color stories that make you want to tell someone about them.
You are sure to find the name of the color you want to know in novels, lyrics, dialogues, characters, product names, hobbies, etc.
At the end of the book, you will find “Color Names by Group,” “Color Words by Language,” “Idioms Related to Colors,” and more. You can learn more about colors and color words, and improve your world view and expressive ability.

Chapter 1: Names of red and pink colors
Chapter2_Orange color names
Chapter3_Yellow color names
Chapter4_Green color names
Chapter5_Blue color names
Chapter6_purple color names
Chapter7_name of brown colors
Chapter8_white color names
Chapter9_gray color names
Chapter10_name of black color
Chapter11_Color names of gold, silver and copper series
Chapter12_Color names by theme


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August, 2022

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