Typography Design – A collection of character processing designs that anyone can do

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This book focuses on the themes of “Typography” and “Lettering,” articulating the graphical characteristics of text in simple phrases and providing clear explanations.

It offers numerous examples of how typography and lettering can be effectively used in design materials like posters and banners.

When existing fonts don’t make enough of an impact, or when you’re lacking compelling visual elements, wouldn’t it be great if you could create a catchy design just by modifying the text? The book introduces designs that employ various techniques like layering, blurring, mixing typefaces, and cutting.

Main Contents of This Book:
● Chapter 01: Typography Showcased Through Lines.
Lines and Geometry/ Delicate and Wispy/ Smooth Handwriting

● Chapter 02: Typography That Makes You Want to Read.
Connecting Words/ Ming-style Typeface Arrangement/ Filling in Letters

● Chapter 03: Bold Typography for Big Impact.
Chunky Rounded Pop/ Fluffy/ Relaxed Extra-Bold

● Chapter 04: Typography That Pops Out with Three-Dimensional Effect.
Layering and Popping Out/ Flat Shading/ Color in Shadows Only

● Chapter 05: Artistic Typography.
Incorporating Illustrations/ Cut-Paper Texture/ Spray Art

● Chapter 06: Designs Showcased Through Typography.
Mixed Typefaces/ Disjointed and Cut Typefaces/ Overwhelming with Typefaces

Release Date:
June, 2022

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Injector E-United Co., Ltd. / Representative Eri Teramoto
She writes and produces books such as illustration and design material collections, handmade books, and design textbooks. She has written over 30 books.

She also handles the management, store development, design, and planning of cafes such as “ROCCA & FRIENDS” in Kyoto and Osaka.

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