Trace with a glass pen: Tsukiakari Shopping Street – a shopping street that opens only at night

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A book for enjoying “writing” with a glass pen and ink is now available.
Visit the slightly mysterious world of “Tsukiakari Shopping Street” with glass pen, ink, and typefaces!

The world of Kyupodo’s “Fictitious Shopping Street Postcards,” which creates narrative paper goods using letterpress printing, has been reconstructed into a book that can be enjoyed by tracing.

This is a book for stationery lovers who can take a peek at the 48 stores and 57 stories while playing with ink using their favorite glass pens and fountain pens.

★There are 57 different typefaces to trace!
Chikushi A Old Mincho, Chikushi A Round Gothic, Kokin Yuukana, Michikusa, Paruramune, Hasemin, Yamamotoan R, etc.
You can trace stylish and unique typefaces.

★Seven types of paper for your writing pleasure!
L Writing Paper,” a special paper produced by LIFE Corporation, a well-known manufacturer of notebooks and organizers, is used for the first time as the main paper for books.
In addition, you can enjoy the difference in writing quality depending on the paper, such as HS Light Force, OK Marshmallow CoC, and OK Fools.

★PUR binding that opens with a snap!
This book is bound in PUR, which is strong and easy to open. Fine illustrations and handwritten rules can be easily traced.

Release Date:
December, 2021

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Started making works in 2010 with letterpress tools left by her grandfather.
Kyupo comes from the size of the type, which is 9 points.
She is producing paper miscellaneous goods with a story that is a little mysterious and mesmerizing.
There are also collaboration products with stationery makers, such as notebooks and masking tapes.
Her representative work is a postcard series of fictional shopping districts printed by letterpress.

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