Title Design:How to make it stand out by arranging,creating and placing letters.

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In this book, we will introduce characters that are arranged from existing fonts, those that were originally created, and works that have outstanding character composition.

Character design that can be said to be indispensable in graphic design. The design changes greatly depending on how you handle the characters, such as how to arrange the typeface and how to compose it.

It is the definitive version of character design that can be used in various scenes from advertisements such as leaflets and posters to book binding and packaging.

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September, 2020

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the japan Typography Association

The Japan Typography Society was born in 1971 with the name changed in 1971 in hopes of the development of typography in a broad sense, with the Japan Lettering Designers Association formed in 1964 as the mother body.

In addition to graphic designers, it consists of more than 200 individual members and corporate members in Japan and overseas, including typeface designers, researchers and educators. We pursue better communication through creation and research of visual languages ​​such as letters, symbol marks, pictograms, and design using them.

A committee formed by volunteers mainly publishes the Japanese Typography Yearbook, publishes the magazine “Typographics Tea” (4 times a year), exchanges abroad, holds seminars and exhibitions, researches on typography, typography We are engaged in a wide range of activities such as the movement to establish a museum.

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