The World’s Most Wonderful Classroom of Japanese Patterns

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This is a visual book introducing Japanese “patterns” with abundant photographs and simple explanations.

[Contents of the Book]
★ Basic Knowledge of Patterns
★ What are Auspicious Patterns?
|Pine Pattern / Bamboo Pattern / Plum Pattern
★ Do Patterns Have a Sense of Season?
|Cherry Blossom Pattern / Morning Glory Pattern / Chrysanthemum Crest / Grape Pattern / Rice Pattern
★ What Kind of Plant is the “Arabesque” in Arabesque Pattern?
|Arabesque Pattern / Maple Pattern / Autumn Grass Pattern / Fern Pattern
|Sweet Flag Pattern / Treasure Flower Pattern / Blown Together Pattern
★ What Do Bird Patterns Symbolize?
|Crane Pattern / Sparrow Pattern / Peacock Pattern / Long-Tailed Bird Pattern
|Hawk Pattern / Mandarin Duck Pattern / Plover Pattern / Heron Pattern / Wild Goose Pattern
★ Are There Patterns for All the Animals of the Zodiac?
|Dog Pattern / Horse Pattern / Rabbit Pattern / Rat Pattern / Deer Pattern
|Tiger Pattern / Elephant Pattern / Turtle Pattern / Bat Pattern
★ What Kinds of Fish Become Patterns?
|Fish Pattern / Sea Bream Pattern / Shrimp Pattern / Shellfish Pattern
★ Why Do Japanese Like Insects?
|Butterfly Pattern / Dragonfly Pattern / Cicada Pattern / Praying Mantis Pattern / Cricket Pattern / Spider Web Pattern
★ What Does the Dragon, a Subject of Patterns, Originally Look Like?
|Dragon Pattern / Phoenix Pattern
★ Are Japan’s Ancient Beliefs Reflected in Patterns?
|Moon Pattern / Sun Pattern / Star Pattern / Snow Pattern / Cloud Pattern / Thunder Pattern / Rain Pattern
★ What Are Commonly Used Background Patterns?
|Flowing Water Pattern / Waterfall Pattern / Seigaiha Pattern / Wave Pattern / State Beach Pattern
★ Are There Patterns Based on Everyday Objects?
|Fan Pattern / Hat Pattern / Snake Basket Pattern / Shell Bucket Pattern / Drum Pattern
|Sickle Pattern / Arrow Pattern / Treasure Pattern / Wheel Pattern / Boat Pattern
★ Can Landscapes and Famous Places Become Patterns?
|Tatsuta River Pattern / Mount Fuji Pattern / Bridge Pattern
★ What Are Text Patterns?
|Longevity Pattern / Text Pattern
★ Are There Geometric Patterns in Japan?
|Lattice Pattern / Stripe Pattern / Triangle Pattern / Well Curb Pattern / Diamond Pattern
|Scale Pattern / Hemp Leaf Pattern / Tortoiseshell Pattern / Tachiwaki Pattern / Shippo Pattern
|Whirlpool Pattern / Tomoe Pattern / Circle Pattern / Deer Spot Pattern / Hail Pattern
★ What Is “Komon”?
|Small Pattern
★ Can You Tell Me About Traditional Crafts with Distinctive Patterns?
|Kasuri & Indigo Dyeing
|Ainu Traditional Patterns & Ryukyu Bingata
|Traditional Performing Arts Costumes
★ What Are Common Patterns in Temple Decorations?
|Temple & Shrine Patterns
|Family Crests & Courtly Patterns
|Korin Patterns & Modern Kimono Patterns

Release Date:
December, 2023

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Shunji Ito

An honorary professor at Tokyo University of the Arts and an art historian.

After serving as a professor at Tama Art University, he was appointed as a professor in the Department of Advanced Art Expression at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, in 2002. He has published numerous books, including translations, especially in the field of both domestic and international history of photography.

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Shunji Ito


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