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A never-before-seen Natsuhiko Kyogoku fan book with a wide variety of illustrations, three-dimensional forms, classical paintings, and comic touches, all with visuals and design as the starting point!

Kyogoku’s novels often depict “invisible things,” such as monsters and evil spirits of mountains and rivers, and mysterious events that cannot be explained by science or logic. How do you incorporate this invisible world into the cover, the “face of the book”? A collection of covers for various Kyogoku books is introduced, with comments from editors, designers, illustrators, and others who have tackled this challenge.

It also compares the different ways of presenting a single work when it is published in different editions, such as hardcover, novellas, paperback, and divided paperback editions. In addition, Kyogoku’s works are actually very easy to read, contrary to the image one might have of them due to their thickness and unique language. The exhibition also looks at the secret of the “plate design” that makes them so easy to read.
In addition, the book introduces Kyogoku’s works visualized in various forms, including his own drawings of yokai and illustrations, as well as the scary picture books and comic books that he has been working on in recent years.

1 The World of Bindings and Illustrations (The World of Paintings and Illustrations/The World of Formative Arts/The World of Graphics/The World of Typography)
2 The World of Kyogoku Art
3 The Visualized Kyogoku World
4 The World of Kyogoku Design

Release Date:
October, 2022

Author profile

Natsuhiko Kyogoku

Born in 1963. Born in Otaru, Hokkaido. He works as a novelist/graphic designer/art director.

He made his novelist debut in 1994 with “Ukatori no Natsu”. 1996 49th Japan Mystery Writers Association Award for Mouryou no Hako, 25th Izumi Kyoka Literary Award for 1997 Laughing Iyemon, 16th Yamamoto Shu for 2002 Maki Koheiji Goro Prize, 2003 130th Naoki Sanjugo Award for “One Hundred Tales of Later Streets”, 24th Renzaburo Shibata Award for “One Hundred Tales of West Alleys” in 2011, 56th Yoshikawa Prize in 2010 Eiji Literary Prize and others.

He is the 15th representative director of the Japan Mystery Writers Association, and acting representative director of the World Yokai Association and the Haunted Friends Association.

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